The team of the PR agency Brandenstein Communications


Our team consists of six creative minds, clever strategists and passionate communication professionals with the most diverse qualifications and personalities who are at home in the world of communication and public relations. We are always curious and have a daily ambition to do things even better. We like to keep learning in order to do things even better tomorrow - together we stand for "Better Communications".

The management

Portrait Christina Brandenstein, Brandenstein Communication

Christina Brandenstein
CEO and Senior Consultant

Christina started her PR career in the mid-1990s as an intern at a renowned PR agency in Los Angeles, USA. Back in Vienna, she worked as a PR consultant for several PR agencies. After various agency years, she moved to the corporate side as Communications Manager at Siemens Austria - later as Press Spokesperson and Head of Communications for the mobile phone division (Siemens/Benq) in 45 EMEA countries. In 2008, she set up her own agency, Brandenstein Communications. In 2023 she will celebrate the 15th anniversary of her agency.

Portrait Marco Jaeger, Brandenstein Communication

Marco Jäger, MA
Authorised signatory and senior consultant

Marco started his professional career in the mid-2000s as a journalist at the Salzburger Nachrichten and the Standard. He then moved into the PR industry, working for various agencies and companies. In 2016, the PR expert was awarded "Company Spokesperson of the Year" in the pharmaceutical sector for his outstanding achievements. He has been part of the Brandenstein Communications team since 2016 and is responsible for strategic PR consulting and project management for clients such as Attensam, ING Austria and Plattform Industrie 4.0 Österreich.

The Crew

Portrait Andrea Pfennigbauer, Brandenstein Communications

Andrea Pfennigbauer
Senior Consultant

Andrea studied journalism, philosophy and theatre studies at the University of Vienna and then completed a PR master's degree. After working as a freelance journalist for Wirtschaftsblatt and Standard as well as for companies in the marketing sector, she switched to PR and worked both in the agency sector as a consultant and on the corporate side as a press spokesperson for cultural institutions and in industry. Since 2010 she has been responsible for special projects and classic senior PR agendas at Brandenstein Communications.

Portrait Katharina Fleisch, Brandenstein Communication

Katharina Christina Marthe-Helen Fleisch, BA
PR Consultant

Katharina has been working in PR since 2013. After studying political science in Vienna, she gained experience in consumer PR at Estée Lauder Germany. In 2014, she joined the Brandenstein Communications team as a dedicated intern. Soon after, she became an assistant and was promoted to Junior PR Consultant in 2016. She now works as a PR consultant for clients such as Henkell Freixenet, Marcher Fleischwerke and Cellnex Telecom. As a LinkedIn professional, she manages her clients communication on B2B channels and shares her knowledge in LinkedIn workshops.



Portrait Julia Teizer, Brandenstein Communication

Julia Teizer, MA
PR Assistance

Julia joined the Brandenstein Communications team in 2018 as an all-round talent for organisation, graphics, content creation and project management after internships at other agencies. She completed her Master's degree in Journalism & Communications Studies with a focus on PR and Marketing at the University of Vienna. She now supports clients such as Ritter Sport and Attensam in classic PR as well as social media activities and event management.

Portrait Max Daucher, Brandenstein Communication

Max Daucher, BA
PR Assistance

Max started his career as an intern in the TV department at Constantin Entertainment and in project management at Media Planet. He joined the Brandenstein Communications team in 2022 and is primarily responsible for research, organisation and copywriting for the entire client portfolio. He also produces content for the agency's social media channels. He is currently completing his Master's degree in Journalism and Communications Studies at the University of Vienna.

We are happy to work with these partners

Media Brothers

The Viennese digital agency Media Brothers ensures the right visibility for big brands. They offer digital services from a single source - the creation of campaign strategies, video productions and social media support, workshops and coaching.

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The Wirz advertising agency offers the entire spectrum of consulting, communication and implementation from a single source. The team works for some of Austria's biggest brands and is one of the country's most modern marketing, advertising, media, online and transformation agencies.

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Nina Mohimi

An expert for food & beverage marketing convinces with more than 20 years of profound know-how about consumer behaviour, campaign management, brand communication, hospitality, gastronomy, retail and F&B trends.

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Dani Terbu

Dani Terbu supports and advises clients as a social media & content strategy expert with over 20 years of digital experience.

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Gustav Assem

With his graphic design agency Tür3, Gustav is a creative partner for all aspects of corporate design. From classic graphic design, CI and logo development to print and web design, the range of creative services is characterised by that certain something.

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Martin Steiger

As a photographer, Martin knows how to create the perfect arrangement of light, props, environment and model for any photo or video shoot. His talent for portraying people, products or events is great and always puts our clients or projects in the perfect light.

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