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Better communications


What is the point of PR?

More than ever, a positive reputation and the trust factor play a key role in the commercial success of companies and brands. Building and maintaining an image requires an ongoing and consistent effort in communications. This includes continuous evaluation of corporate values, brands, products, services and target audiences. But it is equally important to maintain good relationships with the media and stakeholders. Relying on superficial PR tactics and polished statements is not the way forward. Real stories are what capture attention and build interest, loyalty and trust. Keeping your audiences well-informed, not just at peak times but throughout the journey, is the most effective and sustainable approach to long-term PR success. We are delighted to accompany our clients on this exciting journey and serve as a reliable sparring partner for all their PR needs.

Our Spirit

That's us: a team of six, six different spirits with different strengths and talents - together we have a lot of experience, creativity, assertiveness and a passion for communication. For our clients, we develop PR ideas from which sustainable success stories grow. Whether classical media work, digital communication, strategy development, storytelling, CEO positioning, stakeholder management, corporate communication, product PR, innovative media cooperations, crisis communication or event management - we are professionals in all PR disciplines and have stood for successful communication and PR work with measurable results for more than 15 years. Successes. We bring stories to life and give companies a face. We live networked communication, listen attentively and put ourselves in our customers' shoes.

Because we do not just offer empty promises on the issue of quality, we had ourselves certified in February 2023 in accordance with international CMS III guidelines and were awarded the "Austrian PR Quality Seal" (ÖPR). It is considered THE seal of quality in the domestic communications landscape and shows that we stand for honest, transparent, and results-oriented communication with a certificate of quality.

Our mission

Better Communications. When it comes to public relations, we are the perfect match. We firmly believe in our ability to capture the hearts and minds of our target audiences through creative concepts and compelling storytelling. With energy, empathy, and unwavering passion, we enable companies and brands to communicate effectively across various media channels. Our approach combines strategy, expertise, and innovation, focusing on the core elements to successfully position our clients in the public eye.

Stronger together. By leveraging our extensive network, we help our clients make valuable connections and build fruitful partnerships. After all, strong and dynamic relationships are vital cornerstones of sustainable public relations and are the best preparation for navigating communication challenges during times of crisis.

We shape meaningful dialogues, articulate clear positions, and disseminate them through multiple avenues. Whether through personal conversations, traditional media outlets, or digital channels, we ensure effective communication.

Customer orientation and proactive customer service are ingrained in our ethos and reflect our daily commitment to excellence.

Who trusts in us

For over 15 years, we have been crafting and executing effective ideas that deliver results. A multitude of companies across diverse industries entrust us and value our hands-on approach. Our clients include international corporations, Austrian market leaders, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Through our strategic prowess and proven success, we amplify the messages and stories of our clients, reaching out to the public with impact.

As reliable partners, we offer strategic PR consulting, excel in classic media work, and demonstrate expertise in social media & digital relations.

Are you curious? Then please feel free to contact us for a non-binding information session.


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